7-Zip overview

The 7-Zip program works with many file extensions by default. Some of them are configuration files, project data, logs or other output data generated by 7-Zip. Below you will find information about the software and specific files supported by 7-Zip.

Supported files: 190

7-Zip details

Publisher Igor Pavlov
Operating system Windows
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All file extensions in the list below are supported by 7-Zip, but they can contain completely different data types. Click on an extension to learn more about it. The 7-Zip program can use different file formats for various purposes: e.g. to load configuration settings, to load 7-Zip input data, or to generate output data after the program is finished.

Also remember that with 7-Zip you can try to convert the file with a specific extension, to others, also supported by 7-Zip. Just load the file with 7-Zip and choose "Save As", choose a new format and save the file. Remember, however, that if you are an inexperienced user and you perform the operation incorrectly, it may not be possible to reopen the file.

File extensions that work with 7-Zip

Where to get 7-Zip?

To safely download 7-Zip it is best to use the software publisher's website. Go up to the details of the 7-Zip program, there you will find a link to the publisher's website.