Tips to open YIFY file

Can't open the YIFY file? You are not the only one. Thousands of users face similar problems every day. Below you will find tips on how to open YIFY files as well as a list of programs that support YIFY files.

YIFY file extension

File Name Warez Movie Format
File Category Video Files

The YIFY file is supported on 3 operating systems. Depending on your operating system, you may need different software to handle the YIFY files. Below is a summary of the number of programs that support and open the YIFY file on each system platform.

Operating systems
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What is YIFY file?

The file in the YIFY format belongs to the Video Files category. In addition to this file, the Video Files category includes 546 related files. Warez Movie Format appears on 3 operating systems as a functional file. These systems consist of Linux, Mac OS, Windows, although it may occasionally be found on another system, it will be non-functional. The main program that supports this format is VLC media player. This was created by VideoLAN Project Team. Alternatively, you can use 2 other programs.

How to open YIFY file?

The main problem with Warez Movie Format is that the YIFY file is incorrectly associated with programs. This is manifested by the fact that YIFY files open in unusual applications or do not have an assigned program. This problem can be easily remedied.

The first thing you should do is just "doubleclick" on the YIFY file icon you want to open. If the operating system has an appropriate application to support it and there is also an association between the file and the program, the file should be opened.

Step 1. Install VLC media player

An often overlooked issue is to make sure that VLC media player is installed on the computer. To do this, enter the name VLC media player into the system search engine. In the absence of an appropriate program, its installation in the vast majority of cases will fix the problem. Below is a list of programs that support the file YIFY.

Programs to open YIFY file

Remember to download programs supporting YIFY files only from verified and safe sources. We suggest using the websites of software developers.

VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
Step 2. Create association of VLC media player with YIFY files

If the application is or has been freshly installed, but the YIFY file still does not use the VLC media player program, it means no association. The association can be created using the drop-down list available by right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties. The window will show, among other things, the type of the file and the information by which the program is used to launch the file. Using the "Change" button we can set the program to handle this type. The program should be visible in the window, otherwise it should be selected manually using the "Browse" button and the program installation directory should be indicated. The "always use the selected program ..." field will set the VLC media player application as the default for handling the YIFY file.

Step 3. Update VLC media player to the latest version

The fault may also lie with the VLC media player program, it is possible that Warez Movie Format requires a newer version of the program. Some applications allow you to update from the program level, and for others you need to download the installer from the VideoLAN Project Team page and install.

Step 4. Check for the following problems with the YIFY file

The problem may also be with the file itself if the above steps don't work. This could be due to the file itself, the cleanest issues are:

Very often, the file may be size 0 or incomplete. This is most often caused by a problem while downloading the YIFY file. The file should be downloaded again, making sure that the process has finished correctly.
The computer may have fallen victim to a computer virus or hacker. A quick virus scan using an up-to-date antivirus program should clear up any doubts. Some antivirus vendors also provide free online scanners. However, it is important to scan the entire system, not only the file YIFY or the program directory. As a result of the scan, sometimes it is not possible to recover YIFY files, which are deleted if there is a backup of this file, then after restoring it, it must also be scanned.
Older version of YIFY file may not always be supported by the latest software version. These problems are known and are often very easy to fix using the software developers's website.
There can be many reasons for this. Depending on the type of file, it is necessary to repair it accordingly. Some programs offer the ability to automatically repair YIFY file corruption. The easiest way to restore the file is from a backup or by contacting , but this one can be expensive. Not all damage can be reversed.
When reading, a message appears that the file was encrypted or corrupted. The encrypted YIFY files cannot be played on other computers than the one on which they were encrypted, they must be decrypted before using on another device.
Some of the system directories are excluded from modification. While there is usually no problem reading such a file, it may not be possible to save it. Copying the YIFY file to another location will fix the problem.
This can happen on a file that does not support multiple access. You may find that another program you are using is preventing you from working with the file. Just close unnecessary programs. If the error persists after closing other programs, wait for a while. However, some background programs may block the YIFY file while scanning. If the problem persists, restart the machine.